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Important message to TANDEM skydivers. Please read:

Understand that the sport of skydiving is in many regards self-regulated, meaning that you are not skydiving using the same type of equipment at every facility.

Georgia Skydiving Center is the ONLY skydiving center serving Georgia using the SIGMA tandem parachute system.

The SIGMA tandem skydiving system is the most expensive parachuting equipment on the market, and provides a level of safety commensurate with it’s cost.

Every parachute rig system at Georgia Skydiving Center is equipped with an “AAD” or Automatic Activation Device that will deploy a reserve parachute if for any reason the main parachute fails to be activated. The type of AAD used at Georgia Skydiving Center is called the Cypres AAD, and is also the BEST ON THE MARKET.

All rental and student training equipment is subject to regular safety inspections. All reserve parachutes are inspected and repacked every 4 months, regardless of use.

Georgia Skydiving Center uses Mirage Systems skydiving rigs. Again, the best on the market. All main canopies are made of zero porosity fabric, and are state of the art. Rental and student gear is rotated constantly so that only the latest in skydiving equipment is available at Georgia Skydiving Center.

The above reasons have helped Georgia Skydiving Center achieve the best tandem safety record in the country.